ESVOC is 100% Youth Led. We seek to inform and engage the Monadnock community in the discussion surrounding sexual violence, distribute sexual/menstrual healthcare products anonymously and at no cost, advocate for restorative justice, and push our comprehensive consent curriculum into schools/state legislature.

Since 2019, we have made massive progress on all of these goals. We hope to help other communities looking to do similar work.


Sexual & Menstrual Healthcare Products For Everyone

Tampons, pads, condoms, hygiene wipes, Plan-B, pregnancy tests, etc.

We encourage everyone (yes, you too!) to place an order.

Between September of 2020 and April of 2021, we worked collaboratively to research and develop a comprehensive consent curriculum for implementation at the school. Eventually, our goal is to augment the current NH graduation requirements for health education to include consent and sexual health. In the meantime, we will continue to share and promote our work with the public.

Don't have Instagram or Facebook? Check out our collection of informational graphics HERE to learn more about topics like reporting, restorative justice, trauma, Title IX, community resources, and our Sexual Healthcare Anonymous Distribution Effort, and more!

Over the summer of 2019, a regional survey was conducted to ask students in the ConVal region about sexual violence. Here are a few of the questions and their most notable responses:

"How would you react if unwanted sexual advances were made towards you?

"If it was an unwanted advance it would be very awkward and I am not sure what I would do based on past experiences. It's been made clear to me that I have no control over the situation. "

"In the past few years, it’s happened so much that it’s become normal to me."

"I would be uncomfortable and I don’t know if I’d have the courage to stop anything for fear of confrontation. I have a hard time drawing the line with guy friends"

Have you ever learned about what to do in case of unwanted sexual advances made towards you?


"They talked about it in about extremes, I’ve always known how to say no or run away but in eighth grade I needed different tools."

"I think I’ve seen numbers to call but I don’t learn in school - I’ve learned on my own."

"In health class, they give us coin references like ‘if I wanted to get pawed I’d get a dog’, but none of them have proved useful or applicable in real situations."

Would you know how to report a sexual assault if it happened? Would you report it?


"No. I think it would depend on the situation. I would tell people but I don’t know if I’d actually report it to the authorities. If it was someone I didn’t know I would, but if it was someone I was close with, I would approach it in a different way."

"No. Probably not in our school environment"

"I wouldn’t know how to do it but I feel like I could look it up. I have no idea how to do it at ConVal. And I would probably report, but I feel like people don’t always believe people who report."

"I would not know how to report. I feel like I could figure it out, but I would never want my name to be shared or for word to spread any further than it had to. I have reported before and my case was brought to the police. They never saw me in person or asked for a testimony just because I didn’t want to press charges. I didn't want to keep reliving the trauma. It is embarrassing."

As hard as we work, we are still faced with monetary barriers surrounding hiring speakers, empowering students, renting spaces, creating new content, and now providing our community with sexual healthcare products through SHADE. Donate today to assist our team in completing the mission we are dedicated to.

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Reach any of our student leaders/advocates about joining our team of activists. We'll add your name to the list, keep you updated on our movements, and call on you for help with our goal to permanently uproot and end sexual violence in the ConVal area.

Engage and Educate

If you're looking to help the movement in a non-monetary way, the most you can do is show up and talk with us and others. We need everyones support to make tangible change. Educate yourself and be a source of advocacy and information to those around you. Also, ask any of our student activists about being in the podcast, getting involved in our demonstrations and fundraisers, or how you can attend our meetings.

Collaborate with us!

Whether you are a survivor of sexual violence, ally, teacher, speaker, artist, or group interested in collaborating with us, PLEASE reach out. We are very interested in hearing testimonies, spotlighting local art, and creating new projects. Reach us on the "Who We Are" page or contact us directly at

Here is our calendar of events! Click through to find all of our movements—anything from meetings and minor movements to scheduled events and podcast release dates!